Summer is fast approaching with record breaking temperatures forecast around the country and holidays booked, decent swimwear is a must-have for any women who wants to look good either by the swimming pool, down the beach or even just sunning yourself out your back door next to the paddling pool. We bring you 4 gorgeous styles of swimwear for every shape and size to help you decide what will look best on you:

The ‘one piece’ is vastly becoming one of the most popular styles of swimsuits. These swimsuits can come with body sculpt which is comfortable and¬†flattering on your figure and coming in every colour you can think of its hard to find a negative about this style. Worn under jeans or with a sarong you will be feel great all day sunning yourself no matter where you are!

If the ‘one piece’ is not for you but you are still looking for something that is slimming and flattering a high waisted bikini is just for you. This style will accentuate your waist. It will also give you enough coverage for you to be comfortable walking around the beach or lying beside the pool.

Crochet swimwear is one of this summers hottest trends and will most definitely be seen at the likes of Marbella and different festivals this year.  This style can be worn under a long T-shirt or Kaftan for a casual day to day look. The top can be worn with denim shorts and trainers which will give you an on trend festival look! So if you are doing both a holiday and festival this year we suggest this look for you!

Off shoulder Bikinis are another highly popular trend of swimwear of 2017. Celebrities everywhere are sporting this style of bikini making us all want it more! This look is cute but maybe slightly adventurous. Although maybe slightly impractical for swimming in you will certainly look great wearing one of these by the pool.





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